Facilitation for social movements

Moderation / Facilitation

Moderation – or facilitation – is the art of structuring a conversation. Facilitation supports people in having constructive, respectful and well-structured discussions, in which everyone can contribute. Facilitation by an external facilitator takes pressure off the groups members and prevents conflicts as it lessens power dynamics and old patterns.

The pool

We are a pool of moderators, trainers, process and conflict facilitators and mediators who are available to social movements, political groups, organisations and networks for their facilitation requests. The pool defines itself as emancipatory and progressive, but otherwise has no common political orientation. It is primarily used to connect groups with suitable facilitators. We do not organise events or start any projects.

What is special about this pool is that we build bridges between solid, competent facilitation and grassroots groups or social movements. Because not only large organisations with huge budgets need facilitation, but also self-organised groups.

Through some on-boarding criteria to the pool, we want to assure a certain but unbureaucratic level of quality. However, as a loose pool, we as individual facilitators cannot take responsibility for the quality of others. If you had problems with moderation, please send us an email and we will try to deal with it accordingly.

Request a facilitator

In order to request a facilitator please fill out the form below. Your request will be forwarded to the pool. Interested facilitators will get in touch with you directly. If you donot hear back within a week, please send us an e-mail to nudge us again.

Infos zu dir und deiner Gruppe

Information about you and your group
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Mit welchen Pronomen möchtest du angesprochen werden?
What pronouns do you want to be addressed with?
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Die Anfrage

The request
For what format are you looking for facilitation?
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Approximately, how many people will take part?
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How long will the facilitation be (in hours or days)?
Where will the facilitation take place?
Worum wird es gehen (sofern schon bekannt)?
What will be the issues discussed (as far as you know now)?


Organisational information
What language shall the facilitation work in?
Are there any specific needs we should consider in the group?
Do you have budget for facilitation fee? If yes, how much?

Zum Schluss …

To finish off …
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